Rene Endara is a world bodybuilding champion who has won numerous titles and awards and is an expert in the fields of personal training, exercise, nutrition, and personal enlightenment. He is an author, gym owner, and coach whose unique approach to training has allowed his clients to transform and grow beyond the standard gym mindset. Rene takes a spiritual and heart-based path, giving you the tools you need to leave all suffering behind and enter a life filled with joy, strength, and love.

But Rene’s life wasn’t always this successful or filled with light. As an immigrant to this country, Rene grew up in California on the outskirts of Los Angeles and had a difficult childhood, raised only by his mother. Although he had already started training for bodybuilding and fitness, Rene fell upon hard times as a teenager. It was during this tumultuous period that he ended up experimenting with drugs and even slept on the streets. Once, while trying to buy some cocaine, Rene was drugged and raped. This traumatic event pushed him to the brink. At this point, in the darkest moment of his life, Rene overdosed three times and even attempted suicide. But his story is far from over—this was only the beginning of his becoming a world champion.

One day Rene saw himself in the mirror, shocked by what he witnessed: a drug addict’s body, thin and weak from straying from his true path. From that moment on, Rene transformed his life. What he witnessed in the mirror that day, his body wasting away from drugs and self-harm, was actually the seed for his revolutionary approach to personal training.

At first he was unable to recognize the person in front of him, but in that moment he faced his shadow, his darkest self. And he resolved from that point on to realign his life. The first day of going into the gym after that moment was not easy, but this is what Rene offers: the path of transformation. He is a survivor, a survivor of the darkness, of rape, of drug addiction.

From facing his darkness, Rene learned the power of forgiveness, the power of our mental state, and the ability to transform any moment into a path of light and love through deep breath and gratitude.


Rene started training for bodybuilding at the age of 13. In only __ years, he then went on to achieve the title of __ at age __. Along the way, he has written a book, The Human Diet, about staying youthful and how to eat in the most nutritious way possible for our human bodies. He has owned his personal training gym for over 30 years, coaching thousands of people in the process.

Only a few years ago, Rene was about to lose the use of his hands. His doctors said that through the buildup of scar tissue in his arms, he would not recover and that he would be unable to use his hands again. But through conscious programming, through the quantum field, he grew back the nerves in his arms. And this is testament to what Rene truly offers. His accomplishments go beyond those of titles, bodybuilding, and coaching. Rene’s true passion lies in presenting the power of conscious programming, the ability to radically change our bodies and our lives through the patterns of our minds and hearts, and to alleviate our suffering and pain.


Rene is redefining what it means to be a personal trainer. Taking his knowledge from winning the bodybuilding world title, Rene offers his clients not only a path to success but a guide to enlightenment. He has trained others since he was 21, and now at the age of 53 and no longer content with simply helping clients change their physique, Rene seeks to redesign the entire profession of personal training. His purpose is to show the path away from the physical suffering of our bodies, to elevate our frequency inside, to increase the power of positive thinking, and to show his clients how to possess a deeper self-love.

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