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Meet Renè Endara

Renè Endara, 56, born in Quito, Ecuador is a world bodybuilding champion who has won numerous titles and awards and is an expert in the fields of anti-aging, exercise, nutrition, and personal enlightenment.

He is an author, gym owner, and coach whose unique approach to training has allowed his clients to transform and grow beyond the standard gym mindset. Renè takes a spiritual and heart-based path, giving you the tools you need to leave all suffering behind and enter a life filled with joy, strength, and love.


Our Mission

René's mission is to cultivate inner peace in every aspect of life, guiding individuals to balance their minds, benefiting not only the brain but also the body and soul.

Calibrate - A Seminar Series

Renè is redefining what it means to be a personal trainer. Taking his knowledge from winning the bodybuilding world title, Renè offers his clients not only a path to success but a guide to enlightenment. He has trained others since he was 21, and now at the age of 56 and no longer content with simply helping clients change their physique, Renè seeks to redesign the entire profession of personal training.

Discover a transformative journey with the Calibrate program, guided by Renè's expertise in mindfulness, anti-aging, nutrition, and physical health. Picture a life filled with purpose, resilience, and vitality, as Calibrate becomes your compass for a reimagined existence. Engage in thought-provoking sessions, practical workshops, and personalized guidance, actively participating in the evolution of your empowered self. Explore more about Calibrate now – your journey to a mindful, vibrant, and empowered future begins here.


The Best Programs We Offers For You



A holistic approach to counter the effects of aging. The program includes strategic dietary guidance, tailored exercise regimes, and a focus on mental health.



A guide to personal transformation through a series of mental exercises that help unlock the consciousness of self. The program is tailored to help keep your thoughts positive, find peace through meditation, and open your psyche through the power of love.


Mindful Weight Training

Training that blends focused awareness with intentional movements, allowing for a deeper connection between mind and muscle during each repetition.


Weight Loss

The program combines targeted exercises and a tailored regimen to help individuals achieve their fitness goals, shedding excess pounds and building a healthier physic.


Renè's Accomplishments


Personal Training

Gym owner for over 30 years coaching thousands of people in the process.


Human Diet

Discover a transformative guide to optimal living with Renè's book on the Human Diet. Renè demystifies the complexities of nutrition, offering practical insights for everyday living. Whether you're a wellness enthusiast or just starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, this book strikes the perfect balance between expert knowledge and real-world applicability.



René Endara, a globally celebrated expert, has masterfully unraveled the secrets of the fountain of youth, achieving a remarkable feat in reversing the aging process. His transformative journey commenced at the age of 30, marking a profound accomplishment that invites you to explore the path to enduring vitality and radiant well-being.