Renè Endara

He transformed his own life, and can help transform yours.

Renè Endara is a renowned world bodybuilding champion who excels in personal training, nutrition, and personal development. He is an accomplished author, gym owner, and coach with a unique training approach that goes beyond conventional fitness philosophies.

What distinguishes Renè is his holistic perspective, merging physical transformation with spiritual and emotional growth. His journey began with a pivotal moment of self-realization when he saw his reflection as a frail drug addict. This moment sparked a life-altering transformation.

Renè's personal struggles with addiction and darkness led to a profound journey of self-discovery and recovery. Through his experiences, he learned the power of forgiveness, the influence of our mental state, and the ability to find light and love in any situation.

Today, Renè Endara shares his insights and guidance, helping others leave behind suffering for a life of joy, strength, and love. Whether through his books, coaching, or gym, his mission remains clear: to empower individuals to transform themselves and embrace a brighter future, just as he did.


Renè started training for bodybuilding at the age of 27. In only 5 years, he then went on to achieve the title of world champion at age 32. Along the way, he has written a book, The Human Diet, about staying youthful and how to eat in the most nutritious way possible for our human bodies. He has owned his personal training gym for over 30 years, coaching thousands of people in the process.

Only a few years ago, René lost the use of his hands. His doctors said that through the buildup of scar tissue in his arms, he would not recover and that he would be unable to use his hands again. But through neurohacking, through the quantum field, he grew back the nerves in his arms. And this is testament to what Renè truly offers. His accomplishments go beyond those of titles, bodybuilding, and coaching. Renè’s true passion lies in presenting Neurohacking.



Renè is redefining what it means to be a personal trainer. Taking experience from bodybuilding and incorporating it into motivational speaking, Renè offers his clients not only a path to success but a guide to enlightenment.

He has trained others since he was 21, and now at the age of 56 and no longer content with simply helping clients change their physique, Renè seeks to redesign the entire profession of personal training. His purpose is to show the path away from the physical suffering of our bodies, to elevate our frequency inside, to increase the power of positive thinking, and to show his clients how to possess a deeper self-love.