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If you want to lose weight, get healthy and build muscle, Renè Endara can play a critical role every step of the way.

Guide To Enlightenment

Example Of Sympathetic Resonance

Inchoherent & Coherent Frequencies

Living By The Acronym A.B.G

The Power Of Deep Breathing

Fitness Tips

Proper Bicep Curls

Healing From A Fall At 50+

Weight Vs Energy



The Human Diet

This book is a comprehensive and insightful look into the intricacies of human nutrition, offering a balanced and evidence-based approach to healthy eating.


La Dieta de Humana

Este libro es una mirada completa y perspicaz a las complejidades de la nutrición humana, ofreciendo un enfoque equilibrado y basado en la evidencia para una alimentación saludable.